Aug 3, 2011

Recording of 250 ladybugs going into my garden after performing in a concert of mine.    


Jul 3, 2011

Robynne’s contact lens cleaner


Jun 28, 2011

Golden Ears Bridge Recording


Jun 26, 2011

20 Notes on Sound

(adapted from robert bresson’s ‘notes on the cinematographer’)

  • apply myself to insignificant (nonsignificant) sounds
  • a whole made of good sounds can be detestable
  • catch instants.  spontaneity, freshness
  • someone who can work with the minimum can work with the most.  one who can with the most cannot, inevitably, with the minimum
  • nothing too much, nothing deficient
  • absolute silence and silence obtained by a softness of noises
  • a thing that has failed can, if you change its place, be a thing that has come off
  • reorganize the unorganized noises (what you think you hear is not what you hear) of a street, a railroad station, an airport… play them back one by one in silence and adjust the blend
  • against the tactics of speed, of noise, set tactics of slowness, of silence
  • “one must not seek, one must wait.” - corot
  • to translate the invisible wind by the water it sculpts in passing
  • empty the pond to get the fish
  • ideas gathered from reading will always be bookish ideas.  go to the objects directly
  • silence is necessary to music but is not part of music.  music leans on it.
  • get things away from habit, de-chloroform them
  • “when i listen to myself only, i do wonders.” - madame de sevigne
  • one does not create by adding, but by taking away. 
  • make audible what, without you, might perhaps never been heard
  • let sounds present themselves spontaneously to your ears as words do to the spirit of a creative writer
  • be as ignorant of what you are going to create as is a fisherman of what is at the end of his fishing rod.  (the fish that arises from nowhere.)

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Jun 22, 2011

amplified chimney cleaner in ocean

Amplified Chimney Cleaner in Ocean


Jun 20, 2011

Recording of a contact mic’d plate on ferry